WEAR ITALIAN – Vitality #106

A few years ago I read, in one of my nutrition and diet books, the line “Better to Wear Italian than to Eat Italian.”  That advice has stood me in good stead when choosing many a restaurant.

Exceptions exist, though. On Sunday I looked in my refrigerator and found a few mushrooms and broccoli. “Beginnings of Minestrone soup for one?” I thought.


Elizabeth Rider Minestrone recipe

Taste buds led me on to the computer for a Minestrone recipe and then off to the store for every combination of fresh vegetables and stewed tomatoes (reading every can for sodium content) that imagination could justify. Several hours later I sat down to a big bowl of my home-cooked in cast-iron pot, recipe-enhanced kale-quinoa plus extra vegetables Minestrone. Amazing how the mind can take us from one little thought to creating enough food for eight people. WF!


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