TEN TIPS For 2017- Vitality #109


by Eunis WildFire! Christensen. Graphics from variety of sources.

Happy New Year, Everyone. While planning this week’s Vitality Tip, the thought came that after two years, now was a natural time to suspend our weekly True To My Body Vitality Tip blog posts. (You’ll hear back from me if I ever write the fitness book swirling around in my head.)

The Ten Tips for a Happy, Healthy Life were created by me for a wellness workshop several years ago. Please accept them as my final correspondence and New Year’s best wishes for you. Going forward in joy. WF! 

One thought on “TEN TIPS For 2017- Vitality #109

  1. Judy Berg

    Hi Eunis, I sent you an email to your cashfitliving address and I am not sure if you received it or not. Its an update as to what is going on here with the classes. Thought you might be interested in case you hadn’t heard.


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