STRANGE WEEK – Vitality #103

Today, November 14, 2016, is recognized as World Diabetes Day and Wednesday, November 16, has been declared National Fast Food Day. 

Research indicates that whenever fast food is introduced into a population, risk of developing Type II Diabetes skyrockets. Yet the convenience and lower cost of fast food beckons to all of us once in a while.

If we should find ourselves in a fast food restaurant this week, let’s enter diabetes prevention mode by selecting healthiest items on the menu: Nothing fried. No gargantuan sugary sodas. No extra salt. Look for something with abundant lettuce and tomato in it. Throw away half the bun. Order a salad without the crouton pack. We’ll be giving a nod to personal diabetes prevention and supporting the culinary industry for which America is famous. WF!  


Picture from Buzzfeed website

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