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LAST DANCE – Vitality #89

Thank you for the last dance! Bailando video clip (Enrique Iglesias ZIN Vol 52)

No need for resume or professional references when applying to teach at a future location. I simply am going to take all your multi-signature Thank You cards, personal notes, $210 Nordstrom Rack gift card, $50 Whole Foods Card, etc. and tell the interviewer that San Diego speaks for me.

There even were three of you, Nancy at Serra Mesa a few weeks ago, and Jean and Helen, who could not attend class – but showed up any way with card and flowers to make sure I knew you cared. Amazing.

Take care of each other. Whisper with me when you walk into class…Bring the Joy. WF!

MV Final Picture

July 29, 2016, Mission Valley Library Zumba Gold(R) class photo by Brenda Kay Baird                                                                               Thank you, Brenda, for your wonderful pictures & videos throughout the years. 






BOXES – Vitality #88

Happy Monday!  After four weeks absence from Monday Morning Vitality Tips – due to what seemed like a never-ending move to Seal Beach Leisure World – I’m happy to share three health tips learned from lifting more boxes than a sane person ever should have to hoist.

1. Keep health habits easy-to-use, clean and well organized. 2. Trash anything which distracts from a joyful, enthusiastic life. 3. Donate the best of who we are to family, friends and the person not like us.

This coming Friday, July 29, 1:30 p.m. at Mission Valley Library and Saturday, July 30, 9:45 a.m. at College Rolando Library are my final San Diego Zumba Gold® Classes. I hope to see as many of  you as possible. We will dance, laugh, cry and celebrate the wonder of our time together. WF!

prweb boxes jpg

Picture from prweb website


Today, June 20th, is Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) along with a full moon that Native Americans first called a Strawberry Moon, due to full ripening of wild strawberries. Seventy years have passed since the last click on link Strawberry Moon occurred on the Summer Solstice.

Such special occasion calls for us to Blossom where we are planted according to Strawberry Advice below. We also might step outside tonight, gain perspective and share companionship with this country’s original inhabitants as we gaze at the Strawberry Moon. WF! 

Blossom where you're planted.

Picture from Pinterest.

ORLANDO SALVE – Vitality #86

Sunday’s news from Orlando, Florida, threw my day into tumult. Nothing was getting done. I kept surfing the internet for news that would ease the shock of senseless violence.

Finally, a resource came to mind. “Go outside and walk.” So I did – walked for a few blocks. Sunshine and mild exercise momentarily served as salve and prayer. Solidarity. WF! 

Half Staff Flag

Picture from theoddyseyonline website




FROM ALI TO ME TO YOU – Vitality #85

A Thank You to Muhammad Ali for his contributions to our Zumba Gold® classes. What did Ali have to do with dance classes? We sum it up with two quotes which have been in front of me for many years. 

From Amazon website

Poster on Amazon

1. On trainingLearning  Zumba routines was a laborious process. I had no dance background and as a child was considered a three left-footer. But I repeated Ali’s “Don’t Quit” and we have danced in joy for five years.

2. On affirmations…Muhammad Ali said it’s the repetition of affirmations. Every morning in the beginning, before there were repeat Zumba Gold® students, I would read “Packed classes, raving students – because I am an inspiring Zumba Gold® instructor.”

Whatever we want. We don’t quit. We repeat the good – over and over and over again. Thanks, Champ. From your students. WF!e58e6eb0aaf878f1b36a837d0032cd6e

Healing – Vitality #84

I have traveled the world through festivals and the cultural heritage of my Zumba Gold® students and their co-workers.

Remember from early e-newsletters when I shared about a fun afternoon at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church annual Greek Festival in San Diego? Then a few months later came an evening of Filipino culture and food at  Scripps Ranch St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church.  

Yesterday Zumba friend Nancy M. and I drove to El Cajon for the St. Ephrem Maronite Catholic Church 13th Annual Lebanese Festival. Festival Poster size 11 x17- to printOnce again I heartily over-ate (it’s okay once or twice a year) of ethnic foods and clapped and stomped my feet to Folkloric Dance Performances from toddlers through adults.

Then a quiet Memorial Day thought came to me…“If the world shared more of our festivals, food and dance with each other, might we then one day not have to mourn on the final Monday in May? WF!


COMMENCEMENT – Vitality #83

Sunday a week ago I was privileged to attend commencement ceremonies for San Diego State University’s College of Education and Division of Undergraduate Studies.

Image from gradstory-589

SDSU College Graduates

Along with seeing my American Association of University Women friend, Stormy Miller, receive her Doctorate in Educational Leadership, I delighted in viewing a new generation of graduating teachers and counselors cross the stage to receive their diplomas.

As many of you know, click here education and long life have a lot in common. “Education exerts its direct beneficial effects on health through the adoption of healthier lifestyles, better ability to cope with stress, and more effective management of chronic diseases.”1

Even if we didn’t graduate from college, we now have homework assignments. As students in the Happy Longevity School of Life let’s continue our education by reading thought provoking books, enrolling in classes and attending lectures in new parts of town. Brain cells will be stimulated every which way possible. Wondrous rewards await us. WF!

1. US News & World Report/Money.

WOMEN’S WHAT? – Vitality #82

This week, May 8 through May 14, 2016, is being proclaimed National Women’s Health Week – giving Americans the opportunity to refocus our commitment to advancing women’s health. nwhw-logo-web

In this current proclamation President Obama references the federal government’s Women’s Health website. You will want to click on the link to discover multiple resources for taking care of yourself.

Shall Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words serve as our guideline through Women’s Health Week? The first wealth is health.1 WF!facebook-socialmedia








1. Phrase found on

WHY NOT COMBINE – Vitality #81

Two of President Barack Obama’s Proclamations for the month of May include celebrating National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and recognizing mature adult contributions through Older Americans Month.

Photo from website

Tao Porchon-Lynch

How about if we combine these two Presidential Proclamations within the life of yoga instructor, competitive ballroom dancer and author of the recently written book Dancing Light –  age 97 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch? 

Well done, Tao. We send you respect, joy and appreciation for being such a role model for us. WF!



FEEL THE MUSIC – Vitality #80

Two world-renowned musical artists passed away during the last nine days. 

First was George Beverly Shea, at age 104, beloved for his singing of How Great Thou Art while touring with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade. Then Prince Rogers Nelson, age 57, whose opening lyric “I never meant to cause you any sorrow” moved a subsequent generation to give full voice to Prince’s song Purple Rain.

A globe apart in musical message and performance, both men gave unequivocally of their soul. To what else can an artist aspire? WF!


Image from Brainy Quote.   Note: I will be at a conference in Phoenix this weekend. An excellent substitute, Lisbeth Garces, will teach the Friday, 1:30 p.m. Mission Valley Library Zumba Gold® Class. The Saturday, April 30, 9:45 a.m., College Rolando Library class has been cancelled due to not finding a substitute.