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Reach Your Fitness Goals At Any Age with a Qualified and Inspiring Instructor!

Zumba Gold® party fitness dance classes are ideal for every fitness level. By adding in Essentrics® Aging Backwards (now sponsored by City of Seal Beach, CA, see Stretch for EveryBODY page,) you create the perfect Vibrant Longevity fitness combination. 

Eunis WildFire! Christensen Leads Zumba Gold® Classes.

Eunis Wildfire! Christensen

Eunis WildFire! Christensen

Whether you are a Beginner, Boomer, active Senior, new Mother or expectant Mom – anyone who wants an easy-on-the-body way to get and stay in shape – you can discover fun and fitness at a Zumba Gold® class that is right for you.

Zumba Gold® classes bring joy and a smile to every participant – whether beginner or advanced. Essentrics™ Stretch Aging Backwards classes, created by Miranda Edmonde White, are designed to improve posture and free up tight joints for lifelong flexibility.  

Love of exercise was the greatest gift ever given to me. My first day in a group fitness class shaped the rest of my life. After that class I became a runner, natural champion body builder in the 1980s and yoga enthusiast throughout the 1990s. Along the way health and fitness became important enough for me to earn a Fitness Instructor Certificate from the University of California Extension School at the same time that I was completing my Finance MBA at San Diego State University.

Then, as with many women in their fifties, work-stress and family caregiving duties interfered with health and I gained 60 pounds over a 7 year period. Thankfully, Zumba Fitness® entered my life in 2010, and brought a return to my love of movement. Now I am happy to say that with exercise and careful attention to diet I have lost those 60 pounds and maintain a lean, healthy weight.

With renewed fitness enthusiasm came more education – including in 2010, the National Exercise Trainers (NETA) Group Instructor Certification and in 2011, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Health Coach: Lifestyle and Weight Management certification. Intrinsic Coach® health & wellness training followed in 2012 – 2013. The Functional Aging Institute Certificate (FAI) and TRX® TEAMS Certified Coach Suspension Training designations happened at beginning and end of 2015. Years 2016 and 2017 brought Advanced TRX Group Training certification and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate.

No matter what your circumstances, you will find a welcoming, safe environment at any of my Vibrant Longevity fitness classes. WildFire!

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